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Corporal Sparkle
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:bulletpink: Hi--- I'm Haru and I like drawing really shiny men. :iconkawaiipandaplz:

Feel free to give a watch if you like my works ;;; w ;;;//

and don't be shy to talk to me (Even tough I'm damn shy myself //slapped), we could be homodachis 5eva (0 u 0)

:iconcollabsopen: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :iconcommissionsopen:


Guess you'll be hearing from me again since I'm on semester break. :wave:

I've had lesser time to do leisure drawings due to schoolwork. It has been piling up even more than ever, I keep having to redo because it's either rejected or it's just not up to my personal standards (Perspective studies, I'm so new to it and god I REALLY suck drawing see-through props ORZ). Oh and let's just say I've finally gotten myself into a more serious relationship with a wonderful guy that isn't fictional or another one of my slaves so that takes up a bit of my time too (in a good way, ahaha). 

Anyway, I've been thinking of making a new account for more personal/serious work.
If I'm picking an artist as my career choice, I don't want to live by the weaboo alias of "haru-katsu" obviously, haha. Though that doesn't mean I'm abandoning this account.

I'll keep Haru-katsu as a getaway for all my fujoshi bullshit, posting my more yaoi fangirl-ish works as well as maintaining friends. Basically an account to fully be myself, haha! Whereas for the other, I'll post works for a broader/in-general audience. ( Pm me if you want my new account, I will definitely not link the two together. )


Sigh, on another note, I guess my parents have been up my nerves again. 
As much as I love them, part of me cannot really stand my daily life whenever I'm at home. I've been really finding ways on my own to not stay in the house but they're still not letting me to get a part-time job outside.

Anyway, They overheard my friend (also artist) telling me why don't I charge something since I'm sketching for a close friend's art homework (doing it for free because I know suck and it's a pretty rough sketch, why charge lol). But they asked me later on why is my friend so "calculative". Obviously I'd explain to them it's natural for any artist to behave this way because how else would we earn anything. Then they began to tell me how I should never charge for drawing, why do I buy people's art as well blah blah blah leading to the fight of why did I even choose this as my career choice for the umpteenth time. Even if I became a doctor, I'll prescribe something, but I don't think I'll be giving you any medicine for free either though. Or a businessman, I won't be giving away my products for free just because you're a FRIEND who likely just freeload than to give me potential business. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this site that feels this way, sigh.


That's all for now though~! :)
Thank you so much for the faves, watch, tags and comments while I was gone :love: I appreciate every single one of you~! :tighthug:
  • Mood: Miserable
Stiff Shoulder Senpais by haru-katsu
Stiff Shoulder Senpais
//First off, Daichi, I am so sorry for dislocating your shoulder//

Secondly, First post of 2015, Happy belated new years--- idec i'm still on the hype, nyahahhaha!

I really love drawing of all the Karasuno High members, sorry for not posting. Besides kagehina, I really love the senpais the most :love: :heart:
No 'duh, it's almost new years eve----
So a very early new years to everyone on DA~ and may your unfinished resolutions be somehow accomplished next year hahahahhaa

I'll be spending my day trying to finish my college assignments because I realized I got the info wrong and now all my drawings are wrong orz

At least, last weekend though---
I've experienced the worst of sardine simulator irl, COMIC FIESTA 2014
so much pushing---- my cosplay almost dismantled orz
But there was one guy next to me though,
when I looked up who was trying to make his way though,
It was freaking Danny choo, hahahhahahahah
so, can I now start bragging I didn't even have to wait in line at all to see him in person? //slapped

Most of the artist booths this year were very nice this year,
I really enjoyed talking to them especially the "random people" doujin group XD

The cosplays were also really impressive this year ^0^
there were some that came with their own damn theme song while walking around in character
I have never been so impressed at a cosplay--- I dont even know why
as for my own---- welp, this time it was partially successful (because im not exactly satisfied with my costume)
but hehhh, it was fun meeting those who got my Inumuta Houka and Kaito (Dark woods circus) Cosplay ^0^
There were some of character moments because when I was messing around with my friends ( who are also in cosplay) ,
I realized there were people snapping photos away! (T A T)

Anyway, I will work my way to a probutt like those talented artists and sell me art someday hoping that someday, I will re-claim all the money I have spent this year orz // It was all worth it thooo hahahahhaha, beautiful arts of my old and new otps everwhereeeeee--- I can make a yaoi shrine in my dorm now ahahhahahah//

Anyway, feel free to check out my FB page, , though it's still pretty outdated--- and ask for a request or something for me to fill it up with hahah

That's all for now~
see you next year~!

//or we can always be friends on facebook (just ask! XD), then see you later~! ^0^
  • Mood: Eager

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Sorrehhhhh, its been a rocky semester so i rarely go on ;_; But homygod thank you so much for the gift seriouslyyyyy ♡♡♡♡♡ Much love for it :love:
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Forbidden-rice Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student Filmographer
thanks so much for the watch! XD
I like the term you used "homodachi" hehe ;)
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No probs, I love your cute style and haikyuu fanarts there! *u*
And huehehue It was a weird term I keep picking up on from all those fandoms XD
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Ngawww you're too kind~ >///<
Hahaha it's a good term XD would you consider me one?
haru-katsu Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wwwwww- but it's trueee *u*
And hahaha ikr--- Ohhh, we could be ;D
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Your gallery is awesome 0: Thank you so much for the fav!
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Thank you so much as well for the lovely watch! I'm glad you think so :love::hug:
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