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Shark selfie by haru-katsu
Shark selfie
Art trade with an ex-kouhai.

We both just happened to really, REALLY love the stripper-police version of rin ohohoho///// ---so I was gonna draw him anyway //tight-slap//

//Also Im giving away free art trades or sketch requests right now to un-emptyfy my page and rise up some productivity here lol, please feel free to ask ---  my page btw :
Mini Heichou warning : DO-NUT TOUCH by haru-katsu
Mini Heichou warning : DO-NUT TOUCH
Slap me all you want,  I've come to REALLY LOVE food puns. 

I'm sorry, once again it has been a really hectic semester to keep up with- sleepless nights, mid-depression, several work-related injuries from being sleep-depraved and my carelessness then realizing my inner-masochist halfway through ahahha to summarize it, this drawing.

Most of my stress just comes from two classes, painting still-objects ----  my favorite was still the dairy themed ones because ahhhh yisss, bread. Then, a design class ---- which my lecturer, does not (I hope) knows I used some Eren x Levi fanarts as my colour scheme and bullshitted some kind of concept for the "vibrant and probably frightening" colours for my final project design hahhahaha Its really just a lazy excuse not to search a proper scheme since wifi is pretty bad at my place and the fanart folder in my hardisk is clogging up with beauty that needs to be used somehow. 

So finally coming back to read all of your funny, appreciative or encouraging messages again just puts a smile back to my face. 
I'm sort-of back and I hope you guys like this crappy drawing anyway, hah~ ; u ; I'll try to come up with something better!
HELLO INTERNET! :iconhappyblueplz:

Yes, it is I, Haru ; who has now became a full-fledged mushy tofu, obviously with a cool-ass disguise of the Levi's costume (In my current icon) --- 

✧ For one, I am not a very popular (or sociable) artist on the internet //cries. So it'd be a huge-ass favour for you to take your time and vote for my Vocaloid fanart (Daphne Lee) in this Facebook poll ;… ; You can see my Entry in the group page if you scroll down C:

psst- I didn't post that here because my traditional art looks like a pickle in a bag of potato chips in my gallery. So , if you like to see more of my crappy colour pencil scribblings, you can always befriend me on facebook (And talk to me lul. I really don't mind making more internet friends tbh) or find me on instagram ;u;

✧ Ogay, so sports animes and BL has completely taken my life over--- Expect FREE! and HAIKYUU! fanarts and me rambling more about LOVE STAGE!! (it went as far as to cosplay sena izumi but that was another story hueheu)

✧ I still wonder if anyone would like commissions again in my new lineartless style since I finally learnt how there apparently IS a button in SAI TOOL called "Luminescence to transparency" //smacks head so hard

✧ Wheeeee I found so many lovely artists from all the recent cons (Including those I knew from way way way way way back then GAHHHH sobbing and half of them go to literally the same art school as me ahahahahhahaha Now they are my senpais. like officially. But no shit- there are more of them that go to TOA than I expected wtf)  and now I am crying I used to wish I could join a doujin group lol. can I form one with fujoshis now for very very obvious reasons? I want to be the one in charge of sparklifiying muscles and vital regions obviously

Anyway, Haru OUT! AND Please help~! =D
  • Mood: Eager
HQ!! : Tsukishima Kei by haru-katsu
HQ!! : Tsukishima Kei
Ahhh----Tsukki //*H*//
This shall the start of a volleyball art roll //Whoooheeeeeeehe

but Sorry for the crappy speedpaint D:
Twin-Tailed Warrior [ CLOSED ] by haru-katsu
Twin-Tailed Warrior [ CLOSED ]
He now belongs to :iconmosikitty:~

Thank you and have fun with him~ 0 u 0 /

Shin , a twin-tailed warrior ( might be part squirrel as well) was a OC of mine which had an semi-elaborated backstory which I obviously have no time to continue or illustrate anymore so I've decided to sell it away. I have already tried my best to de-manslut his outfit - not so good with drawing details though but I hope you like the overall of his design. C:

:bulletblue: $8 USD - By paypal only

:bulletblue: Only available till 31st December '14 (I have my reasons of wanting him off by then - same goes to most of my adoptables later on)

:bulletblue: Comes with a Back design and unwatermarked version after purchase.

:bulletblue: As the owner ; You may do anything with him including changing minor designs and creating back stories and if you repost this image or draw him for the first time; be sure to credit me somehow ;w;
If you're not ; I will come hunt you down with an army of rabid alpacas because after a recent incident, I've been getting pretty anal with art theives and this time, I will not be as laid back as I was before.

And if you don't like my designs, you may always commission me for a style like this at the same price as well.

Also, the beautiful texture on the background can be found here :


Corporal Sparkle
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi--- I'm really into these not quite innocent genres dubbed as yaoi and yuri and my current area of specialization is somehow making shiny man-boobs so if you're anything like me, WELL HELLO THERE! ;'D

Feel free to give a watch if you like my works or we can be homodachis 5eva (0 u 0)

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netaarts Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the fave ^^
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uh hi big fan- can i ask you a question: why are you such a big poopnob cunt?
haru-katsu Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you fellow fan cuz im am, durr hurr hurr you noobbutt :v
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Forbidden-rice Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student Filmographer
thanks so much for the watch! XD
I like the term you used "homodachi" hehe ;)
haru-katsu Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No probs, I love your cute style and haikyuu fanarts there! *u*
And huehehue It was a weird term I keep picking up on from all those fandoms XD
Forbidden-rice Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Filmographer
Ngawww you're too kind~ >///<
Hahaha it's a good term XD would you consider me one?
haru-katsu Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wwwwww- but it's trueee *u*
And hahaha ikr--- Ohhh, we could be ;D
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akkien Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your gallery is awesome 0: Thank you so much for the fav!
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Thank you so much as well for the lovely watch! I'm glad you think so :love::hug:
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You're very welcome!! ^^
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You're welcome~! C:
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Thanks to you, someone with your username faved my work!^^
you might be strong BUT I HAVE MY DIGNITYYYYYYY
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thx for the Fav ;)
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thank you ever so kindly for the fave! ;v;
z0mdee Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the fav C:

I love your dA id ; v ; Your use of colors is very nice and shows confidence ; v ;
I'm not very good with colors so I usually stay away from them, but I do try and practice here and there!

Hope to be able to get to the level ur at ; v ; issonice.

Again, thanks for the fav! Panda Emoji (squee) 
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